Yes, you can charge virtual credit cards.

If you're experiencing issues try the following trouble shooting;

If the card isn't active yet, check the activation date in the extranet.

If the card has insufficient funds, check that the amount you’re charging isn't higher than the room or unit rate, and try again. Keep in mind that certain fees and taxes may be excluded from the price.

These fees are typically set on a per-person basis, such as city tax. You’ll need to collect them directly from the guest during their stay. You can see the amount available on the VCC and the charge breakdown for each booking on the reservation page in the extranet.

Check if the CVC code and expiry date you entered are correct.

You can only charge our VCCs if you’re a merchant registered as an accommodation provider, but you can change your code if necessary.

If there’s a security lock, you’ve made too many attempts to charge the same card. You should try again in 24 hours.


Limited Exceeded error

Since this is a pre-loaded card, this error could be that the conversion from the original currency to AUD/NZD could have changed slightly from the time our systems FX rates update and when the charge was executed.

If you have some trouble again, you can try to take off a couple of cents in the original currency.

For any further questions please contact our support team at